Branch Staff

Great Falls Office

Federal Defender

  • Tony Gallagher

Assistant Federal Defender

  • Hank Branom
  • Rachel Julagay
  • David Ness

Secretary to the Community Defender

  • Darci Nelson


  • Jamie Gipe

Computer Systems Administrator

  • Ken Michael

Assistant Computer Systems Administrator

  • Tate Whitham

Legal Assistant

  • Anne Payne

CJA Panel Administrator

  • Adina Poitra

Clerical Assistant

  • Michele Wynn
Billings Office

Supervisory Assistant Federal Defender

  • Steven Babcock

Assistant Federal Defender

  • Vann Arvanetes
  • Gillian Gosch
  • Russell Hart

Senior Litigator

  • Mark Werner


  • Manny Vasile

Assistant Investigator/Legal Assistant

  • Alana Wetsch

Legal Assistant

  • Janet Stokes

Clerical Assistant

  • Shannon Selway


  • Nereida Woods (on Military Leave)

Paralegal/Legal Assistant

  • Stephanie Harris
Helena Office

Deputy Federal Defender

  • Michael Donahoe

Assistant Federal Defender

  • Joslyn Hunt

Senior Legal Assistant

  • Ashley Ulsher


  • Gary Hopkins

Criminal Justice Act Supervising Attorney

  • Wendy Holton

Administrative Officer

  • Heidi Heavrin
Missoula Office

Assistant Federal Defender

  • Andy Nelson
  • John Rhodes


  • Joe Gaffney

Branch Senior Legal Assistant

  • Amanda Miller


  • Ben Anderson